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The Eco 1000 series is our smallest most economical generators for smaller to medium size vehicles, & built to the highest standards using the best quaility materials available. We only use the highest quality grade 316 L stainless steel in our generators. Our generators have 5 neutrals plates intead of 3 & 4 like most others so they run much cooler & less amp draw from your atlernator. Our generators are enclosed in their own composite casing that is cast around generator during manufacturing which means no o-rings or gaskets to ever leak. The generators are then coated with a thick textured epoxy material for durability. Designed to never overheat and can be run for days without turning off. These generators come with a 5 year limited warranty. There is simply no other generator made like ours on the market today.The C/D percent of generator shown is based on ideal current density of (.56 amps per sq. inch.) what a generator should be at based on active surface area inside generator cell. The higher the percent the less efficient generator is & the more heat it will produce. Most 4" generators on the market today run at 200% to 300% C/D which does nothing but create steam mostly.
Eco 1000
5 year limited warranty!
Compact cars to small suv's!
Mini vans to small trucks!
eco 1000
Specifications: H. 7.0" x L. 5.0" x W. 1.5"
Configuration: 7-plates / 6-cells total
Weight: 2.5-lbs.
Active plate area: 336 sq. in.
Engines: Up to 4.9 L.
Production: .5 / 1.0 LPM @ 8-15 amps
C/D: 80% @ 8 amps / 116% @ 15 amps
Max amps: 25 without voiding warranty
Reservoir size: 1.5-qt. / self circulating
Complete system includes:
Generator assembled, reservoir, dryer, tubing, wire, relay, breaker, connectors, amp gauge, toggle switch,stainless steel amp/switch panel,electrolyte and photo illustrated instruction book with warranty.
Additional items may be needed!
Although these generators do not require one you may want more control over your unit by using a PWM to take the guess work out of the electrolyte concentration. If you have issues with the O2 sensors detecting the extra oxygen you can add a FS2 VOLO chip.You can go to our Parts page and get additional items needed.
$149.99 + S.H.
Highest quality 316-L Stainless Steel!
We use 5 neutral plates for cooler running!
$249.99 + S.H.
Size of a dollar bill!
eco 1000
Flow through design!
Fits in palm of hand!
Compared to typical 9 plate 4"x4" cell with an active surface area of 112 The eco 1000 has 225 which means more efficient by design!
All composite no cheap acrylic to crack!.
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
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