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The technology / How hydrogen works!
  Hydrogen being 14 times lighter than air and is the most abundant element in the universe. The hydrogen atom consists of one proton and one electron. When burned only admits water as the waste. There is around 1,833 liters of hydrogen in just one liter of water. The word H2O means two parts hydrogen one part oxygen in chemistry. Hydrogen is one gas we will never run short of, ever. Breaking the water down separating the hydrogen from the oxygen is very simple and has been around since the 1800's,yes I said the 1800's. It only takes as little as 1.25 volts to break the molecules down and separate them into the hydrogen and oxygen. Of course we use a little more voltage to speed up the process and to make it more efficient. Hydrogen burns much faster and more complete than fossil fuels,therefore injecting it into your engine is like boosting the octane to 120 allowing more complete fuel burn,less polluting and cooler running engine. Hydrogen will also clean out the carbon build up in your engine allowing a cleaner oil change when time comes. Here's a very good way to look at this concept, you have a bucket of water ( being our atmosphere ),you add a cup of water to it simulating the hydrogen, now you have another bucket of water and you add gas or oil to it, which makes the most sense? This is why hydrogen makes sense as an additive to fuel, of course the greener the way you produce it the better. It doesn't take a large amount of hydrogen injected into a cars engine to see good results, as said earlier it's like boosting the octane in the fuel. Diesel engines react to hydrogen injection even better than cars do which can save big trucking companies millions of dollars in fuel bills while helping clean up our air. The department of energy recommends hydrogen as a supplement in fuel, as does NASA. Hydrogen is here to stay my friend, we need to move forward not backwards. You don't have to go out and spend a lot of money on a new hybrid car when you can use the hydrogen injection system  and save thousands, this technology will work with old or new cars alike. Harness the power of hydrogen on demand and save our planet from destruction of harmful pollutants we are putting into it.
Water is our purist form of energy!
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